Hear and controll your mix from your smartphone

To start, you can do your first test with equipment you have on hand, you will only need an audio interface, a computer, a router and your smartphone.

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1. Create your account

Once you have your StageWave account you can download the server application for Windows or Mac.

2. Try the apps for free

Install the server app and the musician app (available in all app stores). Once you enter your account, a free 10 minutes trial session will begin, you can repeat the trial several times by closing the server app and reopening it.

3. Request a 15-day free trial

When you have done the first 10 minutes test, you can request a more extensive test, for this you must have the necessary equipment for the proper functioning of the system.

All our features

See the full list of features offered by the StageWave monitoring system

Wi-Fi or wired

It can work via wifi as a wireless bodypack, or via network cable if you have a fixed position.

Independent mixes

You can have up to 16 independent (stereo) mixes, no matter how many auxes your console has.

Audio Quality

Enjoy uncompressed 16-bit audio and various sample rates as your console allows.

Stereo and multichannel

Pan each channel to your liking and get a unique and pleasant listening stereo mix.


Group channels, and add icons or name them as you prefer.

EQ and compressor

Contamos con Ecualizador de 3 bandas y compresión para cada canal.

Share your mixes

Guarda tus mezclas y compartelas para usar en cualquier ocasión.


StageWave works on both Windows and Android devices as well as Apple devices.

Pricing flexibility

The price depends on the number of connected devices and the payment can be monthly or yearly.

Frequent asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you

Nothing happens. The license is not hosted on smartphones, in fact you can use all the smartphones you want, but they will only be able to access at the same time the number of devices that your plan has. For example if you have an event where several bands will participate, everyone can install the application on their smartphones, and present 6 at a time if you have a Stage plan, or 12 at a time if you have a Concert plan.

PayPal: You can use any credit card and also some debit cards.

Yes and no. Paypal requires that you associate a credit card to pay, but there are many web platforms that offer a “virtual” credit card in each country, you only need to load the money that you will use to pay and then associate the virtual card with your Paypal account. Find one that seems reliable in your country.

You can pay monthly plan or a full year. Of course the last option have an associated discount.

Yes, it is entirely possible. The price published for the total number of connections in the upper section will always be respected.


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