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StageWave allows the musician to listen to their monitor mix directly from their smartphone. Taking advantage of the latest in WiFi and digital audio technology, we deliver precise control and professional quality mixing.
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More accesible in-ear monitoring.

Using equipment that most bands already own, we reduce the investment and time costs so more bands can enjoy professional quality in-ear monitoring.

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Others systems
  • RF Interferences
  • Mono mixes
  • Only for Apple
  • Bad audio quality
  • Too expensive
  • Outdated
  • Works over WiFi
  • Multichannel stereo mixes
  • Windows, Android and Apple
  • Better quality than CD
  • Plans starting at $10
  • Continous updates

How StageWave works?

StageWave uses components that you probably already own to obtain the audio from each channel of your digital mixer on your smartphone vía WiFi or ethernet. You need a digital mixer, a laptop, a 5Ghz router, and your favorite in-ears conected to your smartphone.

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What's the word?

Love the idea! They're constantly updating and improving for a better user experience. Support is always responsive and seems to have a good grasp of how it works.

William Jorgensen on Google Play

A true wonder, basically a beringer p-16 on your phone and much cheaper, HEROIC

Liza Flores on Google Play

It has worked very well for me with a D-link AC3000 router that supports up to 7 devices wirelessly and ranges from Xiaomis phones to Iphone 15

Abimael Perez on Google Play
For the musician

Quality audio and a mix to your liking

With Stagewave you can listen to the monitor mix you always wanted, connect your headphones directly to the smartphone adjusting your mix according to your personal preferences. Enjoy the benefits of a stereo mix, with its own equalizer and compressor, effects such as reverb, delay and many more customizations.

For the audio engineer

Save time, reduce interference and cables

Save time on the sound check by making it easier to control the mix for each musician independently. Also by working via WiFi StageWave is not affected by RF interference, nor does it affect them. But you can even use StageWave via network cables, imagine having 16 stereo mixes with a single cable coming out of the audio console.

StageWave 4.0

Know the features we offer in our latest update

High quality mixes for demanding ears

Uncompressed audio

Enjoy uncompressed 16-bit audio and various sample rates as your console allows.

Stereo and multichannel

Pan each channel to your liking and get a unique and pleasant listening stereo mix.

EQ and compressor

We have a 3-band equalizer and compression for each channel.

Reverb and delay

Just like on your favorite console, you will have Reverb and Delay effects for each channel.

Customizable for better collaboration

Independent mixes

You can have up to 16 independent (stereo) mixes, no matter how many auxes your console has.


Group channels, and add icons or name them as you prefer.

Share your mixes

Save your mixes and share them to use on any occasion.

A system that adapts to your needs


StageWave works on both Windows and Android devices as well as Apple devices.

Wi-Fi or wired

It can work via wifi as a wireless bodypack, or via network cable if you have a fixed position.

Pricing flexibility

The price depends on the number of connected devices and the payment can be monthly or yearly.


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Frequent asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you

Enough to play live. Imagine that you are at a distance of between 3 and 5 meters from a sound source (speaker, voice or instrument), that is the latency you will have. You can also visit our 'Latency' page to test audios with different latency values.

No, but you can try it for free for 15 days. After that, you will have to pay to continue using it, but don't worry, we have plans and permanent licenses at very affordable prices.

The system components are: A digital audio console, a Windows or Mac computer, a WiFi router and smartphones (iOS or Android). Check our page 'System Requirements'.

Yes, but you need to connect it to an audio interface, you must consider that StageWave will only have access to the inputs of the audio interface.

To perform a first test maybe, you can try connecting 1 smartphone to your home router, as long as it has a 5Ghz network. For definitive use, you will need a dedicated router for StageWave. You can see recommended routers in our help center.

You can start testing it for free today for 15 days. If you need technical assistance during that period, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our help center.

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