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StageWave is one of the easiest to install and most convenient wireless monitoring systems in the world. Using Wi-Fi transmission, connect the outgoing audio from the digital mixer directly to the musician's smartphones, allowing you to create custom mixes for each device.

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Made for sound engineers.

We know the complications that a wired system can generate and how expensive a wireless system can be for each musician. With StageWave forget about all that.

  • time icon green Saves time in system setups
  • money icon green Save money on expensive devices​​
  • control icon green Remotely control mixes​​
  • transfer icon green Transfer your escenes
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Designed for musicians.

We are musicians wanting to improve the monitoring experience and make it accessible for all, we put everything we would like to have at your fingertips.

  • mix icon green Control your own mix​
  • mix icon green Make groups for fast control​​​
  • copy icon green Copy mixes from your bandmates​​
  • save icon green Save your mixes for later use​​
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How it works

Use devices you already own.

The future is now. We are daily surrounded by devices that are highly capable of transmitting and receiving high amounts of information in real time. StageWave uses components that you probably already own to obtain the audio from each channel of your digital mixer on your smartphone. These are the main components that you will need to use StageWave.

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Digital Mixer

You can use any digital mixer that you can connect to your computer as an audio interface. You can also use an audio interface, StageWave will be able to control the number of channels it has.

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You need the StageWave desktop application installed on a computer that will work as a server and master control among other functions. StageWave is available for Windows and Mac.

Router illustration

The most important component of the system is a 5Ghz wifi router. Depending on the capacity of the router, you can connect more or less mobile devices.

Smartphone illustration

Finally you need a smartphone that supports 5GHz wifi with StageWave mobile application installed on it. You can connect your favorite in-ear earphones whether you use Android or iPhone.


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