An in-ear monitoring system with equipment you already own

To use StageWave you need a digital console or audio interface, a laptop, a 5Ghz router and smartphones for your band.

How it works?

Get started in a few steps

At first it can be a challenge to set everything up, but once you get the hang of it these 4 simple steps will be the easiest way to get professional quality monitoring the easy way.

1. Connect your console to your computer

Whether via USB, Dante, Soundgrid, etc. You only need your computer to recognize it as an audio device.

2. Connect the computer to the router

You will need to connect it via network cable to ensure stable streaming.

3. Connect the smartphone to the router

Be sure to activate the airplane mode, turn off Bluetooth and GPS.

4. Connect headphones to the smartphone

Start listening to and adjust your stereo mix as you want. It is necessary to use wired headphones.

Join to the revolution of monitoring

If you have the necessary equipment you can try it for free, or if you prefer, we can book a demo.

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