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Digital Mixer or Audio Interface

It all starts with the audio source. You must have a digital mixer or audio interface that allows you to send digital audio to your computer, it can be through USB or other connections from each manufacturer.

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Laptop or Desktop Computer

Once the mixer is connected to your computer, the StageWave desktop application will recognize the available channels and you can start mixing, saving and/or sending them to the musicians. Available for Windows and macOS.

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Wifi Router

In order to transmit a stable audio signal, you will need to connect a network cable to a Wi-Fi router capable of transmitting in 5 GHz band, also with MU-MIMO technology, the more smartphones you want to connect via Wi-Fi, the greater the router's capacity must be.

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Finally, you just have to connect your favorite in-ear to your smartphone, the StageWave mobile application will recognize all the channels of your mixer or digital interface. Each smartphone has an independent stereo mix. The mobile application is available for Android and iOS.

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