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6 Connections (Yearly)

USD $112.50 USD $150

6 Connections (Yearly)

USD $150

Type of license
Buy - USD $150 Free trial

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Nothing happens. The license is not hosted on smartphones, in fact you can use all the smartphones you want, but they will only be able to access at the same time the number of devices that your plan has.

For example if you have an event where several bands will participate, everyone can install the application on their smartphones, and present 6 at a time if you have a Stage plan, or 12 at a time if you have a Concert plan.

  • PayPal: You can use any credit card and also some debit cards.

  • Ebanx: It allows paying in installments in local currency. Available only in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Peru.

  • Payment link: If you are from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia or Chile and you don’t want to pay with credit, we can send you a payment link in local currency. Just write to us at [email protected]

Yes and no. Paypal requires that you associate a credit card to pay, but there are many web platforms that offer a “virtual” credit card in each country, you only need to load the money that you will use to pay and then associate the virtual card with your Paypal account. Find one that seems reliable in your country.

You can pay month-to-month, pay a full year, or a lifetime license. Of course these last two options have an associated discount.

Yes, it is entirely possible. The price published for the total number of connections in the upper section will always be respected.

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