Video resources with the basics about StageWave

How to test StageWave for free

In this tutorial you will see in an easy and fast way, how to create an account and install StageWave using in test mode.

How to use the mixer

In this video you will learn about all the functions that the StageWave mixing panel has. Control groups and channels, customize icons and labels, link stereo channels, etc.

How to change to the best channel of your router

In this video, you will learn to visualize the channels in which the nearby Wi-Fi networks are located and, thus, change your router to a best channel.

How to store & switch between mixes

In this video you will see how to save mixes made with the StageWave desktop application, how to categorize, export, import and save to the cloud.

How to use the band devices panel

In this video you will learn the functions that you have in the band's devices panel, in this you will be able to designate the band leader, rewrite mobile mixes, send mixes from one member to another, save them in the desktop bank and even enter mirror mode.

How to stabilize your audio stream

In this video you will learn to interpret the "Performance" view of the StageWave mobile application. We also teach you how to configure the parameters to improve audio streaming.

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